Forest Woodhenge: First Year

Forest Woodhenge: The First Year 2007

Bill Frey & Robin Armstrong

This is the story of Forest Woodhenge. How it came into being and the process of building it. It started with two men with a common vision and different resources. It resulted in a mystical holy space in an oak forest. There are many ancient teachings contained within the woodhenge, both in its reality as a super sun dial calendar and as a cosmic mandala containing mysteries of life, relationships and time.

Railway Town Productions

Videography: Peter Elliott

Photography: Bill Frey & Robin Armstrong


from CD: Return, The Turning Point on the Celestial Harp

Return, the Turning Point Cooder Alert

from CD: Celestial Harp Live at the Music Gallery

Bull and Serpent

Light in the Rainforest

Musicians: Peter Elliott, Orest Tataryn, Brian Roche, Kathy Armstrong, and Robin Armstrong

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