Forest Woodhenge Completion Ceremony

Forest Woodhenge Completion Ceremony 2009 Oct. 12

Robin Armstrong & Friends

After two and one half years of clearing, cutting, chopping and sawing the Forest Woodhenge is finally complete. There are now 126 posts in the woodhenge placed in six concentric circles. This video marks the first ceremony after completion. It is only now that the full effect of Forest Woodhenge can be seen and felt. This Completion Ceremony took place on Thanksgiving, Oct. 11, 2009.

Railway Town Productions

Cinematography and Editing: Peter Elliott

Photography: Peter Elliott

Music: from CD: Celestial Harp Live at the Music Gallery:

Light in the Rainforest

 Musicians: Peter Elliott, Orest Tataryn and Robin Armstrong

© 2009 Robin Armstrong, Box 5265, Stn A, Toronto, ON. M5W 1N5

RA Publications, Box 5265, Stn A, Toronto, ON. M5W 1N5

Chanting:  Robin Armstrong

Friends: Lisa Swarbrick, Justin Armstrong, Jesse Footit, Melissa Elliott, Natalie Elliott, Jakob Huels-Elliott and Isaac Huels-Elliott.

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