2007 Summer

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20070626 Cleanup and Aligning the North South axis. Robin used a thin cord to mark where the Sun’s shadow was at true (local mean time) noon.

20070712 Cutting tress and cleaning up.

20070725 Cutting and clearing and a little bit of drumming!

20070801 Porcupines, butterflies and stumps!

20070808 Clearing trees and removing stumps!

20070817 Marking the post holes!

20070903 Building a Woodshed!

20070908 Post Holes and Stones!

20070911 Post Holes and Stumps!

20070914 Kyle Chopping Wood!

20070917 Completing the fourth circle!

200070919 At the Entrance to Forest Woodhenge!

20070923 Autumnal Equinox at Forest Woodhenge


Sacred Space