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RASA School of Astrology A School of Astrology with an international scholarship program that allows students to home study for free! You can achieve a RASA Diploma verifying your competence in astrology.

IASTRO has Monthly and Yearly Zodiac Predictions by Robin Armstrong

Iastrostore sells astrological, mystical, and I Ching related materials. It directly represents Robin Armstrong and the RASA School of Astrology. There are classes, lectures, music cds, videos, and material about sacred spaces. You can also receive a monthly newsletter if you wish.

For those with ears to hear!

The Celestial Harp is an innovative new musical instrument designed and built by Robin Armstrong. The original idea of the Celestial Harp was to play a person’s horoscope, or to play the horoscope of the very moment one was living in. The dream of musically expressing the healing vibrations of the heavens grew.

Forest Woodhenge: Creating a Sacred Space. The forest woodhenge functions as a super sun-dial. The are six circles of post arranged to represent the I Ching, the zodiac, the ancestors and the eight directions.

Learning astrology can represent the turning point in one’s life. It leads one into a world filled with personal meaning and relevance, It is not difficult to learn, and now with computers one does not need to learn calculations

I Ching Links


How to use your horoscope to access the I Ching. The 64 Hexagrams as a Zodiac of 64 divisions.


The relationship of the three main cycles: the year(sun), the month (moon) and the day (earth) to both the I Ching and astrology.

A site about the I Ching with a good history, and instructions about how to divine a hexagram using yarrow stalks, coins or dice. The mystical Great Treatise that explains the inner depths of the I Ching is also here.

A new interpretation of the I Ching Hexagrams. References to the Superior Man have been removed. In its place the accentuation is on the individual. One does this, one does that, one remains free of blame!

A collection of cosmic connections to the I Ching. How numbers, the Kabbalah, and the seven rays relate to the I Ching, and to many other systems of understanding.

On this site you will find applications of the I Ching to rhythm, melody and to chanting. This takes the I Ching interpretations beyond the realm of words.

The power and glory of trigrams in both the Earlier Heaven Arrangement and the Later Heaven Arrangement.

This website is my resume!

Sacred Space