Photo Credits

There have been numerous photographers who have visited Forest Woodhenge and contributed their pictures to this site. Unfortunately it was not feasible to say who did each picture. So here is the list of the main ones. If I have forgotten someone, please let me know and I will add their names.

In the first few years, it was mostly Bill Frey and my self, Robin Armstrong taking the pictures. Peter Elliott was responsible for the published videos. After Forest Woodhenge was completed, Peter Rivington has been very active and has taken many incredible pictures and video clips over the following years. Lisa Swarbrick has also been actively involved in Forest Woodhenge and has taken many great photos and videos. Peter Heck, who isĀ  no longer with us, also got involved and took some good pictures. A few of the pictures were taken by Subrata Mitra, Liz Capon and The Madd Hatter.

Thank-you! Thank-You!

I am deeply grateful,




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