Drawings and correspondences I Ching to Forest Woodhenge     

Bill Frey and (Robin Armstrong) were talking one day in February 2007. I mentioned that I knew how to build a woodhenge but never had a place where I could build it. Bill looked me in the eye and said he would like to build one to and that he had the place! That was the beginning! Bill drove me the next day out to the country to his hunting property. We walked into the area that he thought would be good. It was the highest piece of land on his property on the edge of a deep valley. It winter and a small clearing could be seen. We walked into it and there was an opening in the trees almost directly east, and likewise in the south. It look promising I said and we returned home. There was not much we could do until the spring. I contented myself with making drawings of the woodhenge.


Sacred Space