Drumming the Solstice

Drumming The Solstice at Forest Woodhenge 2008 June 21

Robin Armstrong, Bill Frey & Friends

This was the first group of people to visit the woodhenge and it was the first public ceremony held there. Some of the drummers had little or no training. It was just a group of enthusiastic people who wanted to come and drum. The I Ching rhythms were played in correspondence to their place in the woodhenge and the heavens. Special environment! special vibrations! A good time was had by all.

Cinematography and Editing: Peter Elliott

Photography: Peter Elliott

Music:I Ching rhythms by Robin Armstrong

Drummers: Robin Armstrong, Bill Frey, Donna Frey, Peter Heck, Brian Searson, Alejandro Pimentel Vera, Tom Wharton, Pangaea Fraser, Anne Armstrong and Ray Mindorff

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